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Now gradually reducing grey and thickening hair with a shampoo is scientifically possible
    Leaves hair a little less grey with each wash
  • Thickens hair
    Shown to thicken hair up to 20% in just 5 washes
    Supports overall scalp & hair health
  • Trusted
    100% satisfaction guaranteed

Control GX+THK™ Shampoo is made with a patent-pending multi-lamellar emulsion technology, and enhanced with transformative whole alpha keratin protein.

gradually reduce grey with each shampoo
gradually reduce grey with each shampoo
Gradually reduce grey AND thicken your hair with a shampoo – thanks to the military-grade biotechnology in NEW Control GX+THK.
All you do is shampoo
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Use as directed. Always remember to do the 48-hour skin allergy test before use.

  • How is Control GX+THK™ different vs. “regular” Control GX®?

    Control GX+THK™ features the same gradual coloration technology as “regular” Control GX®, but it also includes the remarkable alpha keratin protein for up to 20% thicker hair in as few as 5 uses.

  • How is Control GX+THK™ different vs. other hair thickening products?

    Control GX+THK™ is the only line of products that offers hair thickening benefits along with gradual hair coloration.

  • Can Control GX+THK™ help grow hair?

    No, Control GX+THK™ is not a product intended for hair regrowth.

  • Are Control GX+THK™ products vegan?

    No, these products are not vegan.

  • How do you use Control GX+THK™?

    Just use as you would your regular shampoo until you like what you see (generally within 2-4 weeks), then use it a few times a week to maintain. Leave the shampoo in your hair for 1-2 minutes while you shower. 

  • Does Control GX+THK™ get rid of 100% of the grey hair?

    It’s not designed to cover 100% of the grey so the results look blended in. Some men, depending on their type of hair and preference, can reach full coverage with frequent use, but overall Control GX+THK™ is designed to be subtle — gradually blending away a little grey with each shampoo. The more you use it, the faster you will see results. Once you’ve reached your preferred level of grey reduction, you can reduce the frequency of use to maintain your desired color.

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